About Steve


Yea, Yea, Yea...

That was it! I was smitten.  I knew I wanted to do something with music. And by age 15, I had passed the FCC exam for a 3rd Class Radiotelephone Operator's License - and gotten a job as a disc-jockey at my home town radio station.

I did the disc-jockey bit for nearly 15 years at several radio stations - but found my true calling in the recording studio. I've been doing radio & TV commercials ever since. Telling stories, painting pictures, creating characters, producing theater of the mind - all with sound. What fun!

I discovered music about the age of 9. For Christmas that year, Santa brought me a record player. This thing "featured" a plastic tone-arm and plastic platter mounted in what was effectively a cardboard box.  It even came with a set of 45's. These were no-name artists; throw-away records - but at 9, what did I know? So began my fascination with sound.

At age 12, by way of my aunt, I came into possession of a record box - the kind used to store & carry around 45's. Inside was my introduction to real artists: The Beatles, Bee Gees, Dave Clark Five, The Monkees and more. When I heard "Paperback Writer", I was floored. The voices! The harmonies! That guitar riff! And was that an echo effect I heard at the end of verse 3? Wow! Cool!


Mia Answers Fan Mail


Does all that fur get in the way of your eyesight?

I was wondering why

you looked so hairy.


What's your favorite past-time?

Toss-n-fetch with my purple bone.

You toss - YOU fetch. I'll wait here.


Do you have any favorite foods?

T-bone, T-bone and T-bone...

in that order.